Q & I Pets

Uno has been a Hook Hound since 2010. He loves all people and dogs. As the eldest basset, he loves being in charge and napping as much as possible!

Resident Basset Hound


Madam has been at the Queen & I since the Fall of 2017. She loves attention, eating, and sun bathing.  Madam, also known as Ch. Renaissance Julianna, is happy to officially be retired from the show ring and full time couch surfer!

Resident Basset Hound


Clyde came to the Queen and I as a puppy in November 2018. He loves working with Holly, as they aspire for accomplishments in the ring! They've been a team in the confirmation ring since 2019. Clyde loves to play, run around, and chew on bones. 

Resident Basset Hound


Gus joined the Queen & I Homestead in December 2019 as a little pup. He has now grown into a big, fun loving mastiff. Gus's job is to protect the poultry flock and other animals at the Queen & I. He is great at protecting! He also loves to go on walks with the bassets, Isaac, and Holly. He is the perfect gentle giant!

Guardian Livestock Dog


Isaac and Holly are very thankful for Renaissance Bassets and Senora del Pilar Spanish Mastiffs. Without these kennels we would not have our beloved canine family! 

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