Consider getting your  Thanksgiving turkey from The Queen & I. Our free range, heritage breed turkeys will be a treat for your taste buds. A uniquely American turkey, the authentic Heritage Turkey is the turkey that our forefathers knew and cherished. Authentic Heritage turkeys have a richly flavored meat, succulent and juicy, and they are naturally well proportioned, which means they have a larger quantity of flavorful dark meat. The meat has a uniquely firm texture. The excellent flavor of the authentic Heritage turkeys is a result of their lifestyle: they roam in the fresh air outside and are fed a high protein diet. They can fly and breed naturally. The combination of their diet and the exercise opportunity produce a lean and tasty turkey – all natural and naturally delicious.
• No Preservatives
• Fed No Antibiotics Ever
• Gluten-Free
• Raised Without Added Hormones

Please contact us with questions or to reserve your turkey.
EDIT: We will process it for you unless you want to do your own.

Heritage Turkey

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