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Consider getting your  Thanksgiving turkey from The Queen & I. Our free range, heritage breed turkeys will be a treat for your taste buds. A uniquely American turkey, the authentic Heritage Turkey is the turkey that our forefathers knew and cherished. Authentic Heritage turkeys have a richly flavored meat, succulent and juicy, and they are naturally well proportioned, which means they have a larger quantity of flavorful dark meat. The meat has a uniquely firm texture. The excellent flavor of the authentic Heritage turkeys is a result of their lifestyle: they roam in the fresh air outside and are fed a high protein diet. They can fly and breed naturally. The combination of their diet and the exercise opportunity produce a lean and tasty turkey – all natural and naturally delicious.
• No Preservatives
• Fed No Antibiotics Ever
• Gluten-Free
• Raised Without Added Hormones

Please contact us with questions or to reserve your turkey.
EDIT: We will process it for you unless you want to do your own.

Heritage Turkey

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  • We do our best to have a turkey in the size you order but sometimes nature gets in the way. We will fill orders based on the order they are received and will contact you if the weight you purchased is unavailable with alternate options. 

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