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Free-ranging Chicken, Turkey and Ducks Eggs

Spring has sprung, at least in the hen house. Our ladies have ramped up their production, so we are looking for new egg customers.

All of our eggs come from pasture-raised hens. We start with natural pastures, well our yard, which is never treated with herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. This keeps them fresh and healthy. Of course, the natural fertilizer the ladies leave behind certainly helps! Our flocks of chickens, ducks and turkeys, along with our confusion of guineas, are free to roam and forage as much as they like; we open the coop door in the morning, and out they all go! They dust bath under the rabbit houses, rest in the shade of the trees on a summer day and have plenty of water and supplemental feed, but they’re free to come and go from the coop, and free to eat what they want, all day long. They enjoy life at The Queen & I looking for bugs, flying around, and exploring the farm. Treats from our garden provides a good snack for both fowl and humans.

Isaac individual washes, weighs and grades each egg to make sure they are at minimum Grade A- Large eggs. Eggs too small end up as breakfast for our basset hounds and cracked eggs are fed to the flock because everybody deserves a tasty egg! He packages our brown, green, and white shelled chicken eggs into our vintage style egg cartoons. They are dated to ensure you are getting a good egg.


Seasonally, we have duck and turkey eggs. Both are great (Holly's favorite is duck, Isaac's is turkey) cooked just like you a regular for breakfast, but duck eggs  make cakes rise higher, give meringues more volume and stability. You substitute one duck egg for every chicken egg (no more and no less) – and yet- the baked good WILL be more fluffy. You'll also have richer sweets because of the larger yolk. They are $5 dz and available in the fridge with the chicken eggs.


We sell our eggs on the honor system. There is a fridge on our porch to grab what you need when you need. We would like $4 a dozen but understand you might not be used to that price. Please leave what you think is fair.

Thank you for considering purchasing eggs from the Queen & I.

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